FIPSit The Easy FIPS Tool

FIPSit is my first Android Programming/Publishing Experiment. It acutally serves a useful purpose! I use it myself once or twice every couple of weeks. I'm amazed that people have found it, downloaded and actually keep it in their phones.

It is essentially a database of five digit FIPS codes and the State and County that they represent. There is also a GUI that intuitvely allows finding the FIPS code from County or State Name, or finding the State and/or County from a 2, 3, or 5 digit FIPS code.

At some point in time the FIPS 6-4 standard was replaced by INCITS 31:200x standard. Everybody still thinks of them as FIPS codes. Please see

The screen as the app opens. Note the 4 different sections. One each for entering FIPS Codes, State Name or Abbreviation, County Name and another for the answer.
As the second character is entered an attempt is made to lookup the 2-digit (State) FIPS code. If found all counties in the state are listed. The list may be dragged up to see the lower entries.
At the third character an attempt is made to look up all counties that share that 3 digit code. Here we see all states with a county "033". Again, the list may be dragged up to see the lower entries.
At the fifth character an attempt is made to look up the specific state and county that the 5 digit code represents.
The State Abbreviation can be entered to get the State FIPS code.
Or the State Name to get the State FIPS code.
As characters are entered in the County field a search is made for possible matches.
As more characters are entered the list of possible matches shrinks.
Until a single entity is presented.
Or, if the County name is not unique, a list of those that might be matches.

Anticipated future enhancements include:
Reducing the footprint by downloading the database rather than including it in the installer.
Adding provisions to plot the results on a Google Map.
Show the users location, and surrounding Counties, on a Google Map.
Maybe a "Pro" version that can append FIPS codes to a CSV table. (useful in the GIS world)