Intro to GIS Project

My final project in an Intro to ARCVIEW 3 course involved downloading some info from an FCC database pertaining to cell phone sites, adding some census block information and showing a three mile radius around each cell site.  The result is a first approximation of where a cell phone will probably work in NH.  The yellow stars are the cell sites, orange blobs are blocks in range and the green blobs are the other blocks.  Read the paper or see a larger image.

Intro to Map Making Projects

Using DOS Based Product called Atlas using some version of Windows resulted in a system that barely worked. I was able to digitize my subset of counties and convert the output into something I could load into Corel Draw.

My Counties

Here is a draft of a Chlorpleth map showing populaiton as a percent of the whole with Graduated Dots.  It doesn't show much.  I wish I still had access to CorelDraw to show the end product.

Two County Chloropleth

Another project involved Surfer, a nice tool for creating contours and 3d surfaces from gridded data.  I created a grid on a topo map and recorded elevation at the grid points.  Running the data through Surfer and adding some more decorations in Corel gave the image below.
Surfer example

Another large part of the class was devoted to a Vermont Atlas.  Each member of the class was assigned an aspect of the atlas.  I chose hydro. I did most of the work in ArcView 8.3 exporting themes as tifs to be loading in Corel as the final step.  In this example a DEM was converted to a TIN and overlaid with Hydro and City features.  Labeling was done in Corel.
Vermont Elevation Map

I also produced a WaterShed map.
VT watrer Sheds